Retail Solutions

Retail needs more solutions to reduce the manpower & sort out the big data. Maxco Systems offering a perfect web & mobile application solution with the retail industry. We will automate your work process & make it easy.


Maxco Systems offering a tool in web & mobile application model to structure your organization. Easy to access, monitor & communicate


Monitoring is the important task with the retail industry, We not going to monitor only your products, you can monitor your competitor


You can prepare your own working plan for your team and for you. We help you to evaluate your team & also yourself. We help you to deserve your future.


Execution is the real & final task to taste the result. we are offering an easy & perfect to a tool for executing your project win retail industry.

Retail solution

Complete solution for your retail business, organize, monitor, plan & execute.

Team management

Team management, let we knew as organization management. Maxco Systems offering a perfect tool to manage your team for the retail industry.
You can group them easily, you can define each staff access limit, easy to track them, easy to evaluate, easy to judge the work output. You can call it HRM, CRM or something. But, we call it as Smart team management.
It will help you to bring your team into a different environment, You can track your individual staff activities, communication, projects, task, delivery & communication.

Inventory management

Maxco Systems offering a 100% customized inventory management for retail industry. Everyone having their own working principle & inventory model, we can't push a new working model to your inventory system. Even if we don't that it will affect your work progress & time efficiency.
Our team will monitor & review your existing working line with inventory management. Based on that we will build a custom working plan for your team.
Based on that we will customize our inventory system for you, where you can expect 100% efficiency with you new working line.

Sales & competitor analysis

Sales & competitor analysis is the important segment with retail industry. We had combined both sales & competitor industry into single window, because both are related together. If you are looking for more sales, sure you have to look up with your competitor.
Maxco Systems offering a mobile application to monitor your sales in different channels, gateways & stores. Same time we also offering a solution to pick your competitor product& sales data.
Using both of your sales & competitor sales data, our Business Intelligence system will offer a better report to move forward with your business & taste more sales and more profit.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a concept that’s becoming increasingly important and popular across all business sectors, and can benefit your organisation both now and into the future.
Ultimately, Business intelligence converts raw data into meaningful information, providing valuable business insights in order to improve decision making.
We offer several business intelligence solutions designed to integrate data from any system to simplify the operational reporting process and improve visibility. Incorporating web-based dashboards, predictive analysis, budgeting and financial consolidation, these solutions will help you plan better business strategies.

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